Meeting with clients and sketching out the custom engagement ring or other desired custom jewelry.   During our one on one sessions with our clients, we discuss and collaborate with them on the custom jewelry project.   This is the first step in the process.

Step 2 in our design process

After meeting with you and working together on the design ideas, our team of professional jewelers would utilize Computer Aided Design (CAD) process and design your custom engagement ring or other custom jewelry.   Once the design is ready for your review, our team would create a computer rendering similar to the photo shown.   This depicts approximately what the custom jewelry item would look like once completed.

Once you approve of the design, then our team creates the Wax model, invests the wax model using high temp jewelry investment, and burns out that wax model creating a negative for precious metal to flow into.   Upon burn out, our team of professionals in our shop casts your choice of precious metal into the ready model.

From there, the process continues, hand finishing and setting all diamonds or gemstones by hand.  Inspections are done along the way to ensure the highest quality product for you, our client.

Delivery to our clients

The final step is delivery to our clients of their custom engagement ring or other custom fine jewelry.   We strive for 100% satisfaction in the custom jewelry products we create for you.

Ready to start?  Give us a call to make your appointment:  720-375-5643


From the beginning, Custom Jewelers was built differently, on the simple premise that clients deserve better. So we built a company committed to delivering just that. A company that believes, with every fiber of its being, that it exists to serve clients, build brands, and grow businesses.

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